Labrador Canada Fly Fishing
Riverkeep Lodge is located 94 miles east of Labrador City along the shoreline of the magnificent Atikonak River. Our remote location ensures a true wilderness experience in one of the last untouched locations on Earth. The Atikonak watershed is rugged, vast, and unspoiled. The resources, from a fisheries standpoint, are virtually untapped. Our staff are stewards of the land and water, making every possible effort to protect, preserve, and maintain this magnificent resource for many generations to come.

The Atikonak River is one of contrast, boasting breath-taking gorges, boulder-strewn pocket water, long, glassy tail-outs, intimate secondary channels, and miles of riffles. The diversity of our watershed affords anglers the luxury of fishing several different types of water throughout their stay. Anglers are able to wade, cast from our 18 foot Lund boats, or walk the shoreline in order to access as much of the river as possible.

Labrador weather changes constantly. Therefore, you need to be prepared for a mix of sun, rain, wind, and clouds every day. Dressing in layers and being prepared for the elements is the key to enjoying the unspoiled beauty of Labrador. Daytime highs average around 60 degrees Fahrenheit with lows around 40, and rain is common. 

What To Expect At Riverkeep

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