Fishing Seasons

Our fishing seasons at Riverkeep lodge consist of a summer and fall fishery. Although our seasons are somewhat short lived, due to our extreme and isolated northern location, the vast hours of daylight allow you to maximize your time on the water.


Shortly after ice-out, our season gets underway during the month of June. Typically, we see the emergence of large Stoneflies, augmented during the latter half of the month by an abundance of mayfly species. July is a caddis month, during this time the evening hatch can approach blizzard conditions of epic proportion. This Caddis emergence brings trout and salmon to the surface in outstanding numbers, feeding with reckless abandon, this is an experience that words cannot describe and has to be witnessed for oneself to be fully appreciated.


Large Mayflies predominate the month of August, supplemented by lingering tan caddis. By September, our fall season, the weather has cooled and stripping large streamers is the most productive fly fishing method. During the fall season we begin to lose daylight quite rapidly, during the late season we fish until 7:30 and finish the day with dinner in camp at 8:00.

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