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Newsletter - 01/15/2015

Winter is in full swing in Labrador now with temps dipping to -40 at night and rarely getting out of the single numbers, snowing on a weekly basis, cold and snowy, standard Labrador weather, no wonder the fishing season is so short! Well with the long Labrador winters that gives us plenty of time to start planning for the 2015 season. Last year we got a lot of our projects done before the guests arrived, the boardwalk between all our buildings is all brand new now and all the stairs to the camps are new too even the stairs that take you to the dock were replaced. The new dock system is working very well, it makes loading and unloading the floatplanes a breeze, getting in and out of the boats is much easier too. This year’s projects include a new kitchen table big enough to seat everyone at one table and new counter tops for Cathy. If time allows we will expand the dock system even more to make life even easier for our guests.

The 2014 Fishing season was a fantastic one, many big brook trout, Landlocked salmon and lake trout caught and released to grow even bigger to be caught another time. We had two TV crews come in and film with us in 2014 for shows to air in early 2015. One company is called Brotherhood Outdoors, they were the best crew I have ever worked with they were well equipped and very organized, they knew exactly what they were looking for so it made it easy for me to get what they were looking for. The other was The New Fly Fisher which we have worked with before. Both shows I think will look great.

The hatches were great again this year with tons of Caddis flies, blue winged Olives. Golden Stone flies and Salmon flies the size of your fingers a true fly fisherman’s paradise!

So the holidays are behind us now, it is time to kick the winter blues to the curb and start dreaming of giant trout and salmon on the fly at Riverkeep Lodge, so give us a call or send an e-mail to start planning your trip, we will have everything ready on our end, all we need is you!

We hope to see you at Riverkeep Lodge this season, and remember to take a kid fishing they will never forget it.

Best regards,
Steve Murray