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Brook trout, Salmon, Lake trout, Pike etc.
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The day begins at 7 a.m. with breakfast in the log cookhouse. By 8, you are motoring up or down river to your day's fishing, which is interrupted only by a hot shore lunch.

When the northern days are still very long, we break for the evening meal at 6, after which we continue fishing until 10 or so. Riverkeep’s angler to guide ratio is one guide for every two anglers, this ensures our guides are attentive to specific angler needs, optimizing your fly fishing experience.

Our guide staff is among the best in the business, always cognizant, ensuring that you have a quality outing. In Labrador we begin to lose light later in the season, during this time we fish until 7:30 and finish the day with dinner in camp at 8:00.

Often we are greeted by the spectacular Northern Lights, a unique marvel of nature that words can not describe. We look forward to hosting you at Riverkeep Lodge, a true wilderness excursion you won’t soon forget.